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Comprehensive Compliance Audits and Risk Assessments

Whether the desire is to assess the level of compliance with applicable external safety and health regulations (e.g., OSHA) or to determine if current operations meet all internal safety and health policies and directives, the best way to find out is a Comprehensive Compliance Audit conducted by experienced professionals.  If specific work practices are a concern, then a Risk Assessment can be performed to ensure any risks to safety and health are identified, understood, and mitigated. 


Our Compliance Audit group is led by Jeffrey W. Vincoli, an experienced professional who has conducted compliance audits and 

risk assessments across a wide variety of industries in more than 55 countries on six continents.  His proven expertise in this performance area has benefited clients in both private industry and the government sector.

Audit Focus Areas

  • OSHA Compliance (Workplace Safety)

  • ANSI Standards (Consensus Standards)

  • NFPA Requirements (Fire Safety Codes)

  • ISO Standards (Safety Management)

  • FDA Regulations (Food Safety)

  • NIOSH Recommendations (Workplace Health)

Risk Assessment Focus Areas

  • Heavy Construction Operations

  • Residential and Commercial Construction

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Work Processes

  • Occupational Safety and Health Requirements

  • Public Safety and Health Exposures

  • Injury and Illness Prevention