Motor Vehicle Safety

Motor Vehicle Safety

The National Safety Council reports preliminary estimates of an 8% increase in Motor Vehicle (MV) Deaths from 2014 to 2015 [1].  This is the largest year-over-year increase in MV fatalities in 50 years [1].  The National Safety Council estimates that 38,300 were killed and 4.4 million were seriously injured in 2015 [1].  The Council points out that many factors likely contributed to the fatality increase however, the most notable is that “… the U.S. Department of Transportation estimates a 3.5% increase in the number of miles driven in 2015 compared to 2014” [1].


Motor Vehicles and the need for transportation in business is a necessity and a risk many of our employees are exposed to every day.  Each mile that is driven is an exposure to risk of incident, injury, or death.  Identifying risk, assessing the risk, and implementing risk controls that fit within our business model and culture, allow us to take the first step in reversing a negative trend.


So what can your organization do to manage this risk and help take the first step in reversing this negative trend?


Any one of these, or a combination of, may help to improve your Safe Motor Vehicle Driving program and keep you and your employees safe:

  1. Provide awareness information and tips

  2. Establish and communicate MV driving expectations

  3. Provide training

  4. Establish a Safe Motor Vehicle Driving Program

To help get the conversation get started, here are some Safe Motor Vehicle Driving Tips to share with your employees:

  • Prior to driving -

    • Perform regular recommended preventative maintenance

    • Conduct periodic vehicle inspection: check fluid levels, tire pressure, operating lights, horn, etc.

    • Conduct a 360 degree walk-around visual inspection of your vehicle prior to departure

    • Plan the route you plan to travel ahead of time

    • Know and plan for the weather conditions you may encounter

  • While Driving -

    • Wear a seat belt at all times

    • Respect all motor vehicle laws and regulations

    • Be well rested before driving

    • Stay alert and maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you

    • Scan your mirrors regularly and always have a way out to escape an accident

    • Eliminate any distracted driving: no texting, reading, dialing, etc. while driving

Remember, in order to make a change and a difference, we must be aware of our risks.  Once we are aware of those risk in order to make the change we must do something about it.  Begin by taking a look at yourself, then the organization, and then the employees and determine what you can do to help make a change and reverse this trend and ultimately, keep you and your employees safe while on the road.


Contact us today for more information or help on what your organization can do to improve your Safe Motor Vehicle Driving Program; we provide training, programs, or other customized solutions to fit your needs and culture.




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