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Safety Audit

by Certified Safety Professionals

Identify Best Practices

Identify Gaps

Identify Solutions

Improve Safety 

Quality Workplace Safety Audits for your site performed by Certified Safety Professionals.

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Ensure OSHA Compliance and

Company Standards


Workplace Safety Audits
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Safety Audits OSHA Compliance

Ensure OSHA Compliance

"You know what you know, and you don't know what you don't know."


Ensure your entire program and site is OSHA compliant and receive a documented  independent workplace safety audit report demonstrating OSHA compliance.

Identify Best Practices

Identify Best Practices through our workplace safety audit process that have the greatest impact on your safety program and understand how to use those aspects to improve other areas of your safety program.

Safety Audits Quality
Safety Audit Improvement

Corrective Action Tracking

Corrective Actions and recommended solutions will be made and discussed with your team. Solutions and corrective actions will be agreed upon, assigned, and tracked through closure and Workplace Safety Audit reports provided.

Performance Reports

Our workplace safety audit data is inputted into a database to slice and dice your and provide current Safety Performance Reports and Dashboards to identify trends over time, best practices, and opportunities for improvement.

Safety Audit Performance Report
Safety Audit Team Experts

Team of Safety Experts

Our Team of Safety Experts become your team, while we are there and even while we are not.  Contact us by phone, email, or even txt message any time to get expert safety insight from any of our safety professionals.  Before or after your Workplace Safety Audit.



Daniel Deller
Years Experience: 23
Credentials: MBA, CSP, CHST
Industry Expertise: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing, Staffing

Jake Reynolds
Years Experience: 10
Credentials: CSP
Industry Expertise: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehousing

Jaime Garcia
Years Experience: 15
Credentials: CHST
Industry Expertise: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing,

Richard Summerville
Years Experience: 10
Credentials: GSP
Industry Expertise: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehousing

James Knifong
Years Experience: 10
Credentials: GSP
Industry Expertise: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing, Staffing

Brad Bickford
Years Experience: 10
Credentials: GSP
Industry Expertise: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing

Jackson Flores
Years Experience: 5
Credentials: CHST
Industry Expertise: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing


Andrew McLean
Years Experience: 5
Credentials: GSP
Industry Expertise: Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing


The Progressive Safety Team really "Got Safety Done" for our site.  They don't leave us with a list of things to fix...they actually get things fixed while they are here...Thank you Progressive Safety Team!


They are always very reliable, on time, and are very professional.  They always take a problem solving approach and work with our team to help correct things while they are open items when they leave.


The Progressive Safety Team visits our project sites once a week which has made a great impact to not only a safety site but to our safety culture.  They aren't "Safety Cops" with everyone on site from our team, to our Contractors and all workers on site.  Always Professional, always a Team Member, always a Problem Solver.


  1. Kick-off: A Safety Pro will meet with a good site point of contact who understand the operations and site to discuss any past issues, current issues, concerns, and upcoming items.  

    • This person is usually a Manager, Supervisor Superintendent, Site Manager, Plant Manager, Etc. 

  2. Walk: Your Safety Pro will then walk with your team/site contact.  During this time your Safety Pro will assess the work area conditions as well as operations by:

    • ​Identifying good practices as well as opportunities for improvements.  

    • If we identify any issues, we will address them immediately and work to get them corrected if possible, the goal is to leave with ZERO Open Items and correct any issues while we are there.

    • We also work with the point of contact to help them understand what the issue is and the what needs to be done to correct it in the form on On-The-Job-Training.

  3. Close-Out Meeting: At the conclusion your Safety Pro will conduct a debrief and review of the entire Workplace Safety Audit and make sure that everyone understands everything that will be included in the report and the recommended corrective actions.

  4. Formal Report: A comprehensive professional report will be delivered to you and your site team within 48 hours of our visit which will include everything observed and reviewed, with pictures, notes, corrective actions, and recommendations for improvement.  The final report will also include an Action Plan for Safety Improvement.

  5. Corrective Actions: If there are any items that are left open, corrective actions will be assigned electronically so they are easily closed out with dates, notes, comments, photos, and actions taken.  This easily updates and completes your electronic records and reports demonstrating any and all issues are corrected; this satisfies OSHA and any other legal requirement or court of law.


Our Workplace Safety Audits on-site typically takes about 1 – 2 hours and document/plan review usually another 1 – 2 hours for a first time comprehensive review, audit, and action plan. 


When we do initial Workplace Safety Audits and one-time Workplace Safety Audits they take much longer than when we provide more frequent reoccurring Workplace Safety Audits


When Workplace Safety Audits are conducted more frequently and reoccurring, there are typically less issues and we spend less time on-site and completing reports. 

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