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Safety Culture and Committee Program Service

Establish a Best-in-Class Safety Culture or take your Safety Culture to the Next-Level:

  • Reduce Injuries

  • Increase Production

  • Increase Quality

  • Improve Employee Moral

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Increases Employee Engagement

  • Leadership, Management, Supervisors, and Employees all Participate

  • Everyone is Responsible for Safety

  • Everyone Does Safety on a daily basis

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Establishes Goals

  • Everyone knows where we want to go and knows how to get there...

  • Clear Realistic Goals are established

  • Goals are set that lead you to where you want to be

Establishes Expectations

  • Everyone knows what to do in order to go do it

  • Clear expectations are established and understood by everyone

  • Expectations are set that lead to achieving and/or exceeding all goals

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Increases Communication

  • Leadership, Management, Supervisors, and Employees all participate in sharing and having their say

  • Two-way communication structure flowing information up and down as well as across the entire organization

  • Everyone has a say

Creates Accountability

  • Everyone does what they say they are going to do

  • Everyone holds themselves accountable

  • Action Items are created, monitored, and tracked to completions

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