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Toolbox Talks - Week 49: Emergency Preparedness - Emergency Exit Routes

NEW - Emergency Exits Routes - 2023.06
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This talk discusses the steps that employees should

take so that they can quickly and safely evacuate

the building in the event of an emergency.

Materials to have on hand:

  • A floor plan indicating where the emergency exits are located

  • A list of the evacuation wardens

Items for attendees to consider during talk:

  • How would you escape from the building in an emergency?

  • Do you know where the exit routes are located at our facility?

  • Do you know who the evacuation wardens are?


If there’s an emergency that requires the

evacuation of the building, it’s important to know

the location of the emergency exits and also be

able to exit the building easily and safely. So, let’s

review the steps that all of us can take to ensure

that we all successfully exit the building, should we

need to.

Exit route

Exit location. The floor plan indicates the location

of the emergency exits. Find the one that’s closest

to your workstation, but also note the location of

others should the one closest to you be

inaccessible due to fire or smoke. Copies of this

floor plan that show the exits and the designated

outside assembly points are posted throughout the

facility, so be sure to become familiar with it.

Exit access. We can all help make sure that the

routes to the exit doors are free of:

  • Obstructions such as materials or equipment, and

  • Any highly flammable furnishings. If you see anything that would project into the exit route and make quick access a problem, let your supervisor know.

Exit doors

Let’s talk about the exit doors. First of all, they

should be unlocked at all times. If you have any

indication that they are locked, such as if you see

that a padlock is attached, advise your supervisor.

Exit doors at the top and bottom of stairs have to

be kept closed, and all exit doors must be free of

decorations or signs that prevent you from

recognizing them as exit route doors.

Evacuation wardens

So that you can identify who the building’s fire/

evacuation wardens are, we’ll review their names

now. Follow their instructions in the event of an


[Read off the list of wardens, and describe where

in the building they are usually located.]

Exiting the building

When you leave the facility, be sure to move away

from the exit doors of the building, and don’t

congregate close to the building so that you aren’t

in the way of emergency operations. Once outside

the building, quickly go to the designated outside

assembly point and wait for instructions from the

evacuation wardens.

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