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Virtual Safety Manager

Improve Safety - Develop a Strong Safety Culture

  • A Virtual Safety Manager and Team is Assigned to Your Company

  • Comprehensive Safety Management Program

  • Complete Safety Administration

  • Safety Training for All Employees (English and Spanish)

  • Safety Committee Meetings

  • Safety Audits

  • Unlimited Consulting

  • Expert Safety Guidance

  • And More

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Virtual Safety Manager
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Virtua Safety Manager: Sales Lead
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Custom Packages

Best For Companies

with 10 - 750 Employees

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Safety Coordinator

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Safety Director

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Safety Manager

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Custom Deluxe

Safety Director

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Virtual Safety Managers

Dan Deller

Daniel J. Deller, MBA, CSP, CHST

Principal Consultant

What is the Virtual Safety Manager Program?

Our Virtual Safety Manager program provides you your own dedicated Virtual Safety Manager for your company.

Your Virtual Safety Manager provides a complete safety program, quick organization, communication, direction, and all the resources for your company and employees.

Safety doesn’t have to be complicated…we make safety management simple.

The Virtual Safety Manager program is designed to be extremely efficient and effective, which allows us and your employees to be in the field more.

Virtual Safety Manager - Safety Management System
How Your Virtual Safety Manager Does It

Your Virtual Safety Manager works with you to understand your business, operations, culture, and goals.

Your Virtual Safety Manager then integrate those into and organize your own custom tailored safety program.


Your Virtual Safety Manager will meet with you and other key stakeholders to gain alignment and begin safety communications and implementation of the safety program with your employees.


Your Virtual Safety Manager will report back to Leadership monthly on all completed, current, and upcoming activities getting your input and buy-in before plans are put into action to ensure we reach and exceed your goals.

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Virtual Safety Manager Keys to Success and Organization Implementation Plan

The keys to achieving the goals of the Virtual Safety Manager program is our communication and implementation process that ultimately establishes a health form of accountability throughout the entire organization and the direct result...establishes a very strong and effective Safety Culture.

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You are provided a Toolbox of Resources
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